Gift Shop


Visitors to SRAC are always amazed at how large our gift shop is and how many items we have for them to purchase.

We have an incredible array of rocks and minerals that is actually the largest in the region, along with many styles of jewelry made from glass and precious stones. We also have handcrafted items by many artists in the region to include Native American reproductions.

giftshop5 giftshop4 giftshop2 giftshop1


We also have the regions’s  largest historical book, DVD, and map collection dedicated to our region’s historical and archaeological past. Some of the books on the shelf are even authored by our own SRAC staff!


And when it comes to kid’s learning toys – there is nothing like what you will find at SRAC:


giftshop12 giftshop11 giftshop9 giftshop10

So when you are visiting SRAC’s museum or if you are in need of a unique gift for someone special, visit SRAC’s Gift Shop and you’ll be glad you did.

Open Tuesdays – Fridays 1-5pm, Saturdays 11-5pm.