SRAC’s Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives:

1.) Developing joint responsibility and stewardship between students, antiquarians, researchers, professionals, collectors, Native Americans and local citizens for artifacts and other historical and cultural assets relative to the Twin Tier Region of northern PA and southern NY.

2.) To acquire and display these assets for the purpose of adding them to the interpretive collections of the S.R.A.C. for further research and education.

3.) To sponsor new archaeological research within the Twin Tier Region area and to establish and promote other educational and interpretive activities related to Native American history and culture within the Twin Tier Region. This would include items such as, but not limited to, educational programs, speakers and presentations for educational groups within the Twin Tier Region and the surrounding areas.

4.) To establish location(s) within the area of the Twin Tier Region that will house a visitor/educational center,  archaeological exhibits. (Library, museum, auditorium, gift shop, etc.)

5.) To produce and make available to visitors, by sale or free distribution, items such as suitable interpretive and educational material, including books, maps, pamphlets, visuals, and recordings.

6.) To give all possible aid to local efforts in conserving, developing, preserving, and interpreting the Native American historical assets found in the Twin Tier Region.

7.) To establish a database for the Twin Tier Region in order to record all artifacts, other historical and cultural assets within the Twin Tier Region, in order to preserve the data for future generations.

8.) By all of the above to further the great respect for nature inclusive of all its creatures, as illustrated in the lives of those who were the original inhabitants of the Twin Tier Region. With the conviction that S.R.A.C.’s program of activity heightens the values of environmental preservation to its present occupants.

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